Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

Delmar Bejamin flying his GeeBee R-2 in Michelstadt 2001

Delmar Bejamin flying his GeeBee R-2 in Michelstadt 2001:
Delmar Benjamin initiated and helped to build an fully operational copy of the famous GeeBee R-2 racing plane. Delmar demonstrated that the plane was not only fast, but also fully aerobatic. This is demonstrated in the airshows he presented his scills and the GeeBee's aerobatic abilities. In Germany he performed one of the last demonstrations before the GeeBee copy was finally put on display in the United States. Material for this video was recorded in Michelstadt, Germany 2001. A number of camera operators participated to record the weekend airshow where Delmar and his plane was one of the high points of the show. From the combined video material Alexander Obolonsky produced for the show's organiser "Fiber Classics" (To day CARF models) a video sold by Fiber Classics. My renumeration fort the 3 days work was the exchange of all recordings done by me and James O'Brien, whoe used my second camera, in return for all material recorded on that weekend. This was honoured by A. Obolonsky who sent the relevant...

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